The BNMC construction crane’s from The Phoenix windows

Drivers making a daily sojourn through Buffalo’s emerging Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus are greeted by activity everywhere. Heading South down Main Street and looking left to the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and BioMedical Sciences, the work crews mimic ants in a farm.  While passing by, you literally feel the development happening. Who knew? The ground underneath vibrates from the heavy machinery.  As you peer inside, you’re likely to see brilliant sparks from welders, and even the taste of dust is in the air, especially when a fresh load of gravel is dumped. What does it smell like? It would be described as a blend of  the scent of exhaust from idling concrete trucks, and the smell of fresh, strong coffee that fuels that crews on cold mornings.  The sounds most pervasive is the hum of heavy machinery, punctuated by the occasional shouts, or whistles. Today, I paid a visit to The Phoenix Apartments, Sinatra and Company Real Estate’s adaptive reuse project at the edge of the campus. Upon entry, all senses were on high alert. Taste of dust. Check. Loud machinery. Check. Sparks. Check. At last visit, the upper floors of The Phoenix were gleaming, wide open floors, cast of freshly polished concrete. Floors that would have been perfect for roller skating, roller-blading, or essentially anything on wheels. Now, no longer. Since my visit in July, Frey Electric has run wiring throughout the building, plumbing has being roughed in, and steel frame walls have risen. Walking through, you start to get a sense of what will be. Corridors are clearly defined and what will become living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are becoming identifiable. Take a drive down Main Street and feel the change will all your senses. If you have the opportunity to take a hard hat tour, or listen to a developer talk—take it. You’re witnessing, and feeling, what will become the new Buffalo. The project is expected to be ready for initial tenant move ins in the first quarter of 2016.
Clearly defined corridors are now in place.

Clearly defined corridors are now in place

Restorations of stuctural elements are complete.

Restorations of structural elements are complete.

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