BNMC / Allentown

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High-traffic area, great for storefronts or restaurants with eye-catching displays for passerbys.

BNMC / Allentown Commercial Space

A newly renovated space in an old warehouse building constructed in 1903, this commercial space features original columns and other historical architectural details.

(716) 220-8468
Mid-City is a mixed-use building that's located in close proximity to BNMC, Allentown, downtown Buffalo, and the metro line.
Featuring a mural by world-renowned artist, Tavar Zawacki, this commercial location is eye-catching and in an up-and-coming area.
Minutes away from BNMC, Allentown, the metro line, and downtown. Work everyday in a newly renovated building with premium materials near Buffalo's most lively and walkable neighborhoods for a low monthly rent.
Interested in Mid-City? Contact our commercial team to set up a tour.

Amy Shaffer, Director of Commercial Property Management

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