On January 28, Sinatra & Company Real Estate presented to the public its redevelopment and reuse proposal for the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo site.  The Elmwood Village, ranked as one of the 10 Great Neighborhoods of America by the American Planning Association is a blend of the new and the old, the bohemian blended with the stately, where people of diverse backgrounds meet over a cup of coffee.

Sinatra & Company Real Estate believes the site must be developed to reflect the existing neighborhood fabric. It seeks to expand and strengthen the existing heterogeneous character with a blend of housing types and forms, as well as commercial and neighborhood amenities.

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A Blighted Parking Lot Becomes Townhomes

Sinatra & Company Real Estate is committed to providing the neighborhood with high quality housing.  Town homes with dedicated parking, pedestrian walkways, and green space will be Phase I of the three Phase project. As an owner of over $60 million in Elmwood Village area property, Sinatra & Company Real Estate seeks to complement, not compete with the existing character.

Neighborhood Grocer

An agreement has been established to bring Dash’s Market to the site.  The premier local grocer with full service market, produce and takeout items.  Above the market will be stepped back apartment units, designed from day 1 with public input. This neighborhood amenity adds convenience to those looking to access a grocer in their neighborhood, by bike, walk or auto.

Mixed Use Apartment and Restaurant Space

Phase III will occur when the hospital vacates the site. At this time, adaptive reuse of the Annex, C Building and D Buildings will occur.  This phase will also include the new construction of restaurant, condominium and market rate apartments. The phase will include pedestrian walkways through site, underground parking and public art installations. Design will be a collaborative process among the community, the City of Buffalo’s Green Code, and Sinatra & Company Real Estate.