Our firm has been honored to service the needs of residential buyers and sellers since its early days in real estate. Our roots are in Western New York, and we live, work and play here and for that reason, coupled with our experience and professionalism, know that we can be the beacon that buyers and sellers need.  For those who have questions about:

  • What is my home worth?
  • How do buyers learn about my home?
  • Who looks out for a buyer’s interests?
  • What length of time will it take to sell a home?

Contact our residential brokerage team for advice, research and experience in a variety of circumstances,


Before beginning to look at homes, make a list of essential features or characteristics — usually those that are most important to you, and difficult to change such as number of bathrooms or proximity to neighbors.
Buyers should drive their favorite streets and neighborhoods at different times of day and days of the week. Having a whole understanding of an area makes you a more informed buyer.
Think about the costs to purchase and maintain you home. Set a budget for what you are willing to invest in changes and updates when buying. Speak with the tax office and your insurance broker about what you can expect to pay if you purchase a home. Remember maintenance costs and HOA fees.
Features that are wonderful for one a homeowner may not be so ideal for you. Things like large yards, swimming pools, bonus rooms and gourmet kitchens can be appealing, but its more important to find features that matter to you.
When you are ready to purchase a home, you’ll need many contacts – lender, attorney, insurance carrier and moving company. Consider calling these people in advance and finding our if there are preliminary steps you can take– such as pre-qualifying for a mortgage.


Whether you hire a professional, or do it yourself give your home a detailed cleaning. Scouring sinks and tubs, shampoo carpets, and wash windows. It will be well worth it.
Take the time to ensure lawns are mowed and beds are free of weeds or debris. A flowering plant near doors, and a welcoming wreath are inviting to potential buyers. A well shoveled sidewalk, and clear driveway is a must in winter.
Often, serious buyers will want to see any warranties, or records of maintenance. Gather them now before you need them to reduce stress. Also, keep a copy of a recent mortgage statement, tax and utility bills handy.
As a general rule, about 20% of your homes displayed contents should be dis-guarded, stored or otherwise removed from sight. Use utility baskets to store everyday items, such as bathroom items and place kitchen appliances in cabinets or pantries.
Most home buyers will ask for a home inspection. Consider having one done yourself to identify any items needing attention, as well as to educate yourself on what repairs a purchaser may ask for.