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Blog posts are written for entertainment and general information by Amy Nagy, Director of Marketing, Sinatra and Company Real Estate. Amy has a passion for all things real estate, as well as all things Buffalo.

Elmwood Crossing

In 2017, Sinatra & Company Real Estate was selected, along with project partner Ellicott Development Company to fully redevelop the former Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Situated in a model community for its cafes, pedestrian friendly environment, and inviting local artisans and boutiques, the site offers considerable opportunity.  The team will collectively reweave the […]

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Where One Ends, A New Begins

Over the past few months, I, as a community member, along with many have been taking a bittersweet look at the transition from the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in the Elmwood Village, to the Oishei Children’s Hospital on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Excitement that the children of our community have the best […]

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A Beer Drinking Town With a Parking Problem

I’ve been told that Buffalo is not a Sports Town With a Drinking Problem, but a Drinking Town With a Sports Problem. Say What? Essentially the two things that come to mind when I went over and visited The Phoenix Brewery Apartments recently were beer and parking. Truth be told, I was actually headed over

to […]

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Superbowl Inspired Development Musing

Having a beer (my current personal favorite – Stout Affective Disorder from Community Beer Works, if you’re interested), while watching the Superbowl on Sunday evening, got me to thinking of my favorite, beer-centered, development project, The Phoenix Brewery Apartments. Truly, it had been a little too long since I paid it a visit, so Monday […]

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The Sites, Sounds and Smell (?) of Development

Drivers making a daily sojourn through Buffalo’s emerging Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus are greeted by activity everywhere. Heading South down Main Street and looking left to the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and BioMedical Sciences, the work crews mimic ants in a farm.  While passing by, you literally feel the development happening. Who knew? […]

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Not Your Typical Thursday Evening

With all the fantastic Buffalo festivals, local food trucks, concerts and simply the lure of a frosty brew in a backyard on a summer night, selling a walk through an old building turned dusty construction site on the edge of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus might have been a challenge. But the good folks […]

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Demo Is Not For Demonstration

The word demo used to make me think of the Amherst Street Wegmans. But, no longer is demo about multigrain chips and organic black bean salsa presented with a coupon by a friendly employee. Demo in my world is now for D.E.M.O.L.I.T.I.O.N. And, selective interior demo is now underway at The Phoenix. To […]

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The War Room

I’ve been nagging our VP of Development, Matt Connors, to take me on a tour of the Phoenix, Sinatra and Company’s adaptive reuse project, adjacent to the BNMC since about October 22.  Buffalo had its first snow on October 23, and despite my best intentions, I was not enthused about touring a cold, dark, uninsulated […]

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Beer In Buffalo

Who would have imagined it?  Beer has historically been a big part of Buffalo’s past! Detect some sarcasm here? After observing some Buffalonians regard for drinking beer, as some might treat, …  drinking water, you would think one could guess.  Back that up with multiple impassioned “discussions” that have been witnessed about Blue versus (micro)Brew. Top […]

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Phoenix Rising!

Well, NPR said it, so it must be true.  Work on the Phoenix has begun.  The unfortunate thing about development projects, and probably most projects is that even when work begins, it doesn’t look like much is happening.  Actually, it looks like nothing is happening.  So, I’m here to tell you what’s taking place until […]

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